Commercial Water Bores

I have recently completed a project at York for the “Skydive the Beach and Beyond” drop zone in York WA . The project was to design and install a helicopter fire fighting “Bambi Bucket Reload Station” with the dual purpose of being also used as a parachute competition landing area. There was 4 production bores drilled using a combination of rotary mud and hammer to fill the dam.

There was minimal disturbance to normal parachute operations on this site during the month while we were on site.

Over the whole works period of 1 month a total of 14 different staff members were used in their differing fields of expertise as well as sub-contractors.


  • Large production bores.
  • Working around a running business operation with minimal disruption.
  • Use of various different drilling and digging machines with very little impact on the environment
  • Water transfer over a large distance
  • Large distance of trenching and laying water pipe and electrical cable and conduit
  • Electrical connections of pump timers and running gear
  • Finished presentation of a very high standard on completion
  • The use of JSA on every aspect and every day of the works
  • Project management of Boreman staff and sub-contractors
  • Running job on time and budget
  • Water treatment
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