Free Call Out for Life

Free bore repair diagnosis, free repair quotes and free call out.

The Boreman is committed to giving you good service and part of this policy is that we will never charge you to come and have a look at what is wrong with your bore or retic systems. I will give you a written quote and free advice if you want to fix it yourself.

I have been repairing bores for over 20 years and is happy to talk to you on the phone or I am happy to come to your home to help you solve the problem with your system whether it is a bore problem ,an electrical problem or a reticulation problem.

It is always best to ring the Boreman even before you ring an electrician because we can diagnose all the problems so you can get your garden back on water faster.

Ring me today and your bore could be working tomorrow.

Ryan Ferguson 9307 5625 or 0412 237 571