Share Bore Agreement

Can I share my water bore?

Prospective bore owners can share one water bore in Perth. Bores can be shared by up to 4 neighbours however we only recommend that 2 neighbours share because this is the most likely to succeed long term.

How do shared bores work?

The water bore is installed on one property and the water is piped across to the other property. The bore is activated whenever the retic controllers turn on the retic for either property. The electricity can only be supplied by one home so usually we fit a meter to measure the usage and the two people sharing Share the cost of the power used.

The cost a submersible pump to run for one hour for everyday that is allowed to run (3 days per week through Summer Spring and autumn) is approximately $25 per year.

There is an extra cost to share because there is extra work to hook up both retic systems and run the wires to the neighbours retic controller. This cost is usually around $300 to $600.

The Boreman can supply a shared bore agreement on request. This is an important part of the process because it protects both parties in the future.

Shared Bores are quite successful as we install about 10 per year and only disconnect less than one per year.

It does not matter which property the bore goes on as both owners are protected by the share bore agreement.

If you would like a copy of this agreement and did not use the Boreman to install your bore then please feel free to email me and I will email you a copy for a fee of $150. If you are a Boreman customer there is no charge.

Ryan Ferguson 0412 237 571