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Water Bore Quotes

Reduce your water bill and keep your garden green with a Water Bore

Water bores will reduce your water bill and keep your lawn green. Your garden will thrive, you can water 3 days per week and the bore will provide you with free water that will add value to your home. The Boreman will drill your bore and you will have free water tomorrow.

The joy of owning a water bore

Save Money, Fantastic lawns and Gardens, water 3 days per week, these are the 3 of many good outcomes that our clients love about their water Bores.

Save heaps of money through the summer

(You will have) The best Garden in the Street

You can Water 3 days
per week

Water has become expensive over the last few years and a Boreman bore enables you to use the free water underneath your property. Say goodbye to high water bills.

To use free water on your gardens say goodbye to water bills over $700 each summer. Last summer my water usage was $56.

Lawns and gardens love bore water because it doesn’t have any chemicals in it and it comes out of the ground and it’s free. – you will love it too. Water bores provide your garden with double the quantity of water compared to scheme water because they produce more pressure and you can water 3 days per week.
Water bores will allow you to water 3 days per week and the extra days watering will make your lawn green and your garden thrive. With the extra pressure of a water bore your can put on double the water for no cost. Your garden will thrive and flourish. Yes your garden will get double the water because of the extra pressure and the extra day’s watering.

Why Use The Boreman






Customer Service

over 2000

5 star reviews from our customers

No NASTY SHOCKS (Bill Shock)

No Extras – We give a fixed ALL INCLUSIVE quote
Check your quotes to make sure they include these. Your bore won’t work without them.
Don’t get caught out.

Trust, Communication, Good honest family business service.

You will never regret using The Boreman to repair your bore because we want you to become our happy customer forever.

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The process to Install a Bore

The process after you submit your details


We give you a call to make an appointment


Ryan will come to your home and meet with you


Give you advice on where the bore can go. Discuss other options


Give you a written fixed price quote answer any questions


Provide you with detailed instructions on what to expect during installation


Do I have to pay for bore water?

No, it is free, ther is no cost to you whatsoever for your groundwater usage.

Can I drink the bore water?

No, while most Perth’s groundwater is clean and fresh it is recommended to have it tested before consumption.

Can I have a separate bore tap for topping up the pool and general hosing?

Yes, this can be easily organised when ordering your bore. We offer both manual and electric taps.

Will there be any mess after you have finished?

Yes, there will be some sand from the drilling which can be removed by the Boreman leaving your garden tidy as possible.

Do I need to carry out any sort of maintenance on the bore?

No, The Boreman uses only the best pumps and fittings available, giving you maintenance free groundwater.

Is the bore visible when it is finished?

No, the lid is 450mm long & 300mm wide. It can be positioned under the lawn or garden.

When can i water using my bore

Bore owners have an additional watering day!