You be will glad you used The Boreman
to install your bore

Are you looking for a quality water bore for your Perth home.

Ring me because I will listen to your needs and then custom design and drill a water bore that will enhance your retic pressure, sprinkler coverage and add value to your home.

Important things you need to know when buying a water bore:

  • Does this driller have the experience in my area. The Boreman has drilled over 7000 water bores right across Perth and the surrounding suburbs and yes they are all still running today. I have drilled hundreds of bores in all suburbs and in some of the newer suburbs I have drilled when the land was farmland and now we are back drilling in the new suburbs,
  • Will this drilling contractor give me backup and warranty? The Boreman has a no fuss yes attitude to warranty and we give existing customers with bores installed by The Boreman free call out for life. Our bores are guaranteed for 10 years and all the submersible pumps and components have 3 years warranty. Our phone numbers have stayed the same for the last 16 years ph 0412 237 571
  • What sort of bore will I get? The Boreman listens to what you say, tests your current retic system and then we custom design your new water bore using the best quality submersible pumps and components available. Your bore will be the best value for money rather than the cheapest because we believe the few hundred extra to put in quality Australian made components will save you thousands over the life of the bore.
  • How much will my bore cost to how much my bore will cost page. The Boreman tries to give you the cheapest bore water system available using the best quality parts. Sometimes you will find to get the quality we are both happy with the cost of your bore may be a few hundred dollars dearer the some of our competitors. Remember the bitter taste of poor quality is felt long after the memory of the discount has gone. Domestic water bores cost approximately $3,000 to $5,000 ring and we are happy to give you an exact price.
Ryan Ferguson 0412 237 571 or 9307 5625