Water Bores Perth: Repairs & Installations

22 years when I started this business I decided to offer fixed price written quotes. Good service with bores custom designed to suit the your retic system because this is what I wanted when making a significant purchase.
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I guarantee my work for 10 years. I only sell submersible pumps that have a good reputation and have at least 3 years warranty because I believe that they represent the best value for your money. You can buy cheap pumps however you will always regret it later.

The Boreman uses top quality components in your water bores because they are the best long term solution for your irrigation system. Your bore and reticulation system needs to last 20 -30 years.

The Boreman is a five star company that will listen to what you want and deliver to you the best quality possible regardless of the quoted price.

You do not have to pay until you are satisfied the job is finished. Yes “no deposit or payment until the job is complete.” Wow

You always receive a comprehensive information booklet so you know exactly what you are buying.

Ryan Ferguson 0412 237 571