How are water bores installed

What happens when you say yes to a new bore?

The Boreman will listen to you and then we will custom design your water bore to enhance your retic system. Your whole retic system including your controller will be tested to make sure it is all compatible. You will be kept informed and hopefully you will have the time to be present as the job happens.

The drill team will arrive and commence to drill.

The drilling operation will take from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the depth and the geology encountered. The drill team will line the hole with a Class 9 PVC casing.

They will then pack the outside of the casing with drillers’ gravel.

A compressor is then used to air develop the bore or possibly the bore will be developed with water.

The next step is the installation of the pump itself.

This is closely followed by the connection to your existing reticulation system. If we are installing any new reticulation components for you, it will be commenced as a concurrent activity.

Day Two

The electrician will then call on site and make the electrical connection.

Turn on your bore and there you have it: FREE WATER.

And remember, your Boreman contact is just a phone call away, should you require any information or assistance.

Those steps again.

  • 1Quotation & Site inspection
  • 2Drill hole.
  • 3Develop bore with air or water.
  • 4Install Pump.
  • 5Connect to existing reticulation.
  • 6Electrician on site.
  • 7Final inspection and test.
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