Will my Water Bore Stain


How to remove bore stain.

There is numerous ways to remove bore stain on your home. The first is to buy some bore stain remover from Bunnings. It is easy to use and quite effective. I suggest that once you clean the stain you identify the sprinkler or sprinklers that are causing the stain and adjust them so the water does not hit the structure that is staining. I am happy to come round and advise you on the best course of action.

You can buy a water treatment system that will dose the bore and remove the stain before it comes out the sprinklers. These system cost a couple of hundred dollars per year to run and are very effective. Please feel free to ring me for more information or alternatively email and I will email the supplier.

You can use bore line: Bore line is an underground reticulation system that has a dripper every 300mm and waters you lawn and garden from under the ground.

If you are thinking of buying a new bore then please feel to ring me or email and I will be happy to investigate whether your area is a staining area.

Ryan Ferguson 0412 237 571