Bore Pump Repairs PERTH

The Boreman Bore Repairs PERTH

10 reasons to repair your bore with The Boreman your water bore specialist and bore repair expert.

  • The Boreman has over 30-years experience installing and repairing bores in Perth
  • We will give you a full written diagnosis and quote.
  • We provide a complete bore pump repair service for submersible bores.
  • We only use the highest quality Italian pumps.
  • If we can fix it straight away – we will.
  • We can provide comprehensive fusion insurance reports if required.
  • We are a family business.  You deal directly with us.
  • We do the whole job including all connections.
  • Our advice is always free if you wish to fix it yourself – call us today.
  • 2 years warranty on pumps installed.
Ryan Ferguson 0412 237 571
I have been repairing water bores for over 30 years and will give you the best value for money possible because I will only use the same components as I would in my own home.

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